When I added "carrots" to the shopping list, I was picturing a bag of baby carrots. This is what my husband brought home from Costco.

Did you ever watch Iron Chef America where they announce the "secret ingredient?" All I could think of is the Chairman bellowing, "Carrots!"

It’s not my husband's fault. Frankly, I had forgotten that the last time I asked for carrots, the same thing happened. (Sadly, most of them wilted, neglected in the back of the fridge.)

The college kids are back in the house for Christmas break and I thought carrots might be a good snack to have on hand.

But you can’t have everything.

That seemed to be the theme with this month’s field trip, too. We went to Salem, the site of the famous witch trials. It didn't really turn out as I had planned.

The historic site I selected was The Jonathan Corwin House (aka The Witch House). It is the actual house of one of the judges in the trial.

There were lots of artifacts of the time period, but without a tour guide, it just didn’t engage my student.

Another thing about 1642? Bathrooms had yet to be invented. We stayed about fifteen minutes before calling it quits and tracking down the nearest Dunkin' Donuts.

Personally, my favorite part of Salem is the Harbor Sweets candy factory. I made sure we stopped in so the trip wouldn’t be a total loss. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, they have tours, and they always have free samples.

Plus I was able to do a little Christmas shopping. Sweet!

Sometimes things don’t work out quite as you had planned.

But we can make the best of it.

I’m thinking of making carrot soup.


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